5 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Cost

5 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes That You Must Avoid At All Cost

Bathroom remodeling can be a challenging task. With many decisions to make, it’s easy for homeowners to make mistakes that they regret later on. Remodeling a bathroom can be expensive, whether you’re just replacing an outdated vanity or adding all-new features and fixtures to a space. It is essential to decide what you want from your bathroom and do some research on the cost of each item so that you know where to begin.

The success of your remodeling project is dependent on the expertise of the remodeling company you hire. A professional and experienced company like Wilderness Construction in Milan, can turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the five most common bathroom remodeling mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs!

1) Improper Layout and Spacing

Don’t make the mistake of designing your bathroom with improper spacing. Increasing or decreasing the distance between fixtures can affect how much space there is for showering and other activities. When formulating the final layout and spacing, don’t forget to consider things like plumbing connections and ventilation ducts.

2) Paying Little Attention to Where Water Flows

Water flows very differently depending on the type of faucet used. For example, water from a showerhead will flow in different directions than what comes from your taps. It’s essential to consider this when designing your bathroom to ensure there are no safety issues or water waste problems later.

3) Poor Ventilation

No one likes breathing in musty air in their bathrooms. To avoid this problem, make sure there’s plenty of fresh air entering the bathroom. You also need to ensure that there are no cracks or crevices where water can leak and cause moisture buildup, encouraging spores to grow! The mold spores are dangerous for people suffering from diseases such as asthma or have a compromised immune system. The excess moisture can lead to skin problems or stiffness in the nasal passages, not to forget the humid atmosphere it creates.

Lastly, it’s crucial not to forget ventilation sources like fans and exhausts for your toilet (even if your home doesn’t have an attic).

4) Dull Lighting

Another common bathroom remodeling mistake is forgetting to include sufficient lighting. Whether you’re installing recessed lights or regular bulbs, make sure that your bathroom has enough light to brighten up the floor space.

5) Not Hiring the Right Remodeling Contractor

Now, this is important! The success of your bathroom remodeling project depends mainly on who you hire for remodeling. Make sure you hire experienced professionals who have completed similar remodeling projects successfully.

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