5 Things To Think Through Before You Remodel Your Basement

5 Things To Think Through Before You Remodel Your Basement

Basement remodels are quite the rage now that the pandemic has forced most of us to work from home, and we can finally have the den office we so craved. However, basements can quickly dull, which is why, for a slight ergonomic & value addictive touchup, a remodel would help create a more aesthetic and functional space.

Before picking up the sledgehammer, you need some homework to do. We at Wilderness Construction would suggest you and us putting our heads together over things to be thorough about before any kind of remodel and especially basements.

1. Property’s Worth

Many homeowners don’t have the finances to opt for an extravagant renovation. If you feel you fall into that category, then maybe your home needs a raincheck on its worth so that you won’t end up remodeling to over-improve. Neutral fixtures are a done deal on resale value!

2. Your Home’s Age

It’s not just about antique properties; if a recent build has developed structural issues, they need to be addressed. Have every corner sounded for stability. The older your home is, the more emergent the repairs and upgrades in the remodeling will be.

3. Moisture Exposure

Concrete is a porous material that must be adequately insulated against soil humidity; otherwise, the moisture finds a way to swamp your basement. Install French drains to redirect water from draining into the soil and invest in a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels in your basement. Vinyl sheet flooring is an excellent option to proof against water.

4. Basement Dimensions

Older house designs might have low basement ceilings, so it’s important not to install any fixtures (like ceiling fans that might become a hazard). Use a combination of bright paints and neutral accessories to make the area look roomier. Plan ahead for basement use so you can opt for a flexible design.

5. Building Codes

California requirements deem a minimum of 7ft for a habitable basement to be allowed a remodel permit. If your basement fulfills the condition, then all is well. If not, then only your finances are in the way of commercializing your basement.

What Ties These Thoughts Together?

Budget appropriately. Think it through before you opt for any loans for the upgrade to building codes. Do not splurge on unthematic elements. Opt for generic but quality accessories and fixtures. Consult with a remodeling contractor on your budget and options.

The Remodeled Design

Basement remodels are among the most sensible investments you can grant your home that also compounds your returns significantly. From guest rooms to fancy offices, garden apartment rentals, or high-end social spaces, homeowners are leveling up on increasing their returns through some tremendous and well-thought plans.

If your basement in Dexter, has been seeing the better part of cobwebs, storage, and mildew, maybe you should have Wilderness Construction sound and upgrade your basement to give you that post-pandemic haven you so need!

Our free quotes are reasonable and budget-friendly on our numerous renovation services. We also provide project financing to help conceive your dream renovation. Who knows, maybe you’ll love our economical design input so much you’ll have us over for a complete residential upgrade!