7 Tips On Catching Home Renovation Scammers In The Act

7 Tips On Catching Home Renovation Scammers In The Act

Home renovation scammers know how to pretend they’re the real deal, and it’s hard for homeowners to tell if they are working with a scammer. This blog post discusses the top seven tips you can use to avoid being scammed when looking for a home renovation contractor.

1. Read the Reviews of the Company Online

There are many review sites where people rate their home renovations and comment on their experience with their contractors. This way, you have first-hand information about what other people think of that contractor before deciding whether or not they’re trustworthy.

2. Ask for References from the Past Clients

If you don’t want to research, you can always ask home renovation contractors for references from past clients. This gives you a chance to talk with someone who has done business with the contractor in the past and can tell you about their experience. Professional, reliable contractors like Wilderness Construction, Inc. in Stockbridge, MI, can provide you with several references.

3. Make Sure Your Home Renovation Contractor is Licensed

It is crucial to make sure home renovation contractors have the necessary licenses before hiring them. This way, it’s easy to find out if they’re qualified for the job or not.

4. Get the Contractor to Sign a Written Contract

Home renovation contractors should always be willing to put their plans for the home renovation in writing. This helps both parties know what is expected of them and allows for proper planning from start to finish.

5. Get Written Estimates from Several Contractors

Another way to avoid being scammed by home renovation contractors is to get several written home improvement quotes. If you are not happy with the quoted prices, then keep looking!

6. Ask the Renovation Contractors about Their Warranty

Make sure home renovation contractors offer an explicit warranty explaining what they will do if something goes wrong with the job. This way, you can make sure your home is protected from any damage or other issues in the future.

7. Ask the Contractors for a List Of Services

Before hiring home renovation contractors, always ask them what kinds of services they provide. It will help you figure out if they can meet your home renovation needs or not and if the contractor has experience in the work that needs to be done or not.

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