7 Warning Signs Of An Unprofessional Roofing Contractor

7 Warning Signs Of An Unprofessional Roofing Contractor

Awareness of the warning signs of hiring an unprofessional roofing contractor is essential. Unfortunately, there are a few too many roofers out there who are only looking to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners. If you need a new roof, you must research and find a reputable roofer who will do the job right – the first time. Wilderness Construction, Inc. will discuss seven warning signs you should look out for when hiring a roofing company.

1. No Website

If a roofer doesn’t have a website, that’s a major red flag. Every general contractor or home improvement company should have an online presence in this digital age. A contractor without a website is likely not very professional or reputable.

2. No Reviews or Testimonials Online

Another warning sign is if the roofing contractor has no reviews or testimonials online. It could mean they’re new to the roofing business or haven’t been doing an excellent job with their past clients. Either way, it’s precarious to hire someone with no reviews.

3. Unexpectedly Lower Quotes

If the roofer gives you a quote significantly lower than other quotes you’ve received, that should also be a cause for concern. They may cut corners on materials or labor to compensate for the low price, but the margin cannot be huge.

4. Unprofessional Attitude

When meeting with a roofing representative, please pay attention to their appearance and mannerisms if they show up late or look disheveled. A professional will take the time to dress professionally and be punctual to meetings.

5. Not Interested in Knowing Your Roofing Requirements

Suppose the roofer isn’t interested in learning about your specific roofing needs – that is a sure sign to avoid them. They should ask questions about your home, your budget, and what kind of roof you’re looking for. If they’re not taking the time to get to know you and your needs, they can’t provide you with the best possible service.

6. They Don’t Have Any Licenses or Insurance

They should be licensed and insured. If not, that’s a huge red flag. It is illegal to run without a license. A roofing contractor who isn’t licensed or insured could damage your home or injure themselves, leaving you liable for the damages.

 Ask them to see their licenses and insurance information before hiring them. If they can’t provide it, move on to someone else.

7. Give You Quote Without Inspection

Finally, be wary of roofers who give you a quote without first inspecting your roof. A professional roofing contractor will always want to look at your top before giving you a quote. If they’re not willing to do that, it’s likely because they’re not confident in their abilities to do the job right.

If you encounter any warning signs when meeting with a roofing contractor, it’s best to move on and find someone else. With so many great roofing experts, there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best. Research and find a roofer you trust to get the job done right.

Ending Note

If you need help with hiring a roofing company and your roof requires replacement or repair, it’s quite critical to research and find a reputable contractor who will do the job right – the first time. Wilderness Construction, Inc. has been serving Stockbridge, GA, for over 20 years, and we want to help you with your roofing needs.

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