Bathroom Door Ideas For The Privy Savvy Trendsetter!

Bathroom Door Ideas For The Privy Savvy Trendsetter!

Bathroom doors are hardly the thing that comes to mind when thinking of a renovation project, but get this: bathroom doors make quite an impact regarding the importance you give to your – ehm! – private affairs. A well-selected bathroom door is an elegant prelude to the more delightful additions you have made to your bathroom.

If you need quality artistry in getting the bathroom door to look just as sleek as the rest of your home, Wilderness Construction is your prime pick in Dexter, MI. Sure, it’s cold outside, but that shouldn’t dampen your spirits to upgrade your door.

Browse our suggestions and tell us what you think can suit your bathroom best!

Pocket Door

These doors can neatly tuck away into the wall, saving space taken up by the ‘swing open’ doors. If you have limited floor space, you could opt for these doors for not just your bathroom but for the house too!

French Door

Lightly constructed with glass panels and a wooden frame, nothing says grandeur like a French door. You will see them in lounges, opening to a veranda or deck, but rarely for a bathroom. French doors are suitable for spacious bathrooms in large multifamily units. Do give them a try!

Sliding Barn Doors

If you plan for a rustic theme for your home remodeling, you can do well by opting for sliding barn doors. Not only do barn doors save floor space, but they are so trendy these days because of their flexible contemporary designs.

Glass Doors

Glass is one heaven-sent versatile material that can be molded, sanded, blown, and rolled into fantastic designs. There are three ways you can use glass panels for your bathroom door without any see-through compromise.

· Frosted Glass Panel

Allows natural light to disperse and brighten up the area. Use metal doorknobs and steel framing for integrity. It’s a popular addition to rental units.

· Mirrored Glass Door

Imagine a door that doubles as a full-length mirror! A door that ensures your privacy but lets you see your daily outfit with ease! If there is a door to include in a bathroom door replacement, it’s a mirror door!

· Stained Glass Door

Desire a kaleidoscopic display of colors across your bathtub from the light in the hall? Stained glass doors add a wow factor with intricate designs and artwork to liven up your daily soak.

Try to invest in humidity-treated wooden doors if you desire a panel design. Going for a cheaper option will have your bathroom door getting warped faster than you can say ‘lumber’! If you prefer wooden doors for your bathroom but can’t manage the budget, you can always choose a fiberglass alternative. The material can mimic wood and is resistant to water damage. Either way, it makes for a great design choice for a bathroom door.

Once you have decided on a door to suit your ambitious bathroom renovation, all you have to do now is get in touch with Wilderness Construction, your distinguished, experienced, & trusted renovation & remodeling experts in Dexter, MI. Our prices are budget-friendly, and our advice is always given concerning value enhancements to your home.

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