Different Types Of Entry Doors With Excellent Features

Different Types Of Entry Doors With Excellent Features

Entry doors are an essential part of your home. They provide a means of entry and exit for you and keep the interior of your home safe from many threats. Entry doors come in many different types, each with its own features that make them unique.

This blog post will discuss various entry door types and their features to help you decide which entry door is best for your home.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are great for homeowners who want a durable door that is virtually maintenance-free. Fiberglass entry doors are made of fiber-reinforced plastic and can be molded into any shape or size. The material is also unaffected by temperature extremes, which makes it ideal for all climates as well.

Fiberglass doors are durable and will last for years. A fiberglass door won’t rust or rot like other doors. It can be molded into any shape to suit the needs of your home, and it is perfect for all climates. It can be installed in an exterior entryway or a hallway entry. The colors are endless! You can have it painted almost any color you want, with a protective clear coat for added protection against weather.

Vinyl Doors

Vinyl doors are often preferred as entry doors because they come in many colors, styles, and designs. This type of door is also known for its durability, which means it will last a lifetime with regular maintenance. Some standard features of vinyl entry doors are keyed entry locksets, security locking hardware on the bottom panel track to prevent kick entry, and a textured coating to help reduce noise.

  • Keyed entry locksets: These allow entry only after being unlocked by entering a key from the outside of the doors into the lockset to open them. It means that no one can enter your home without permission or knowledge of how to unlock it, which is a great feature.
  • Security locking hardware on the bottom panel track: This feature that locks bottom panel track to keep burglars out. It prevents entry by kicking in your door from the ground up. 

Steel Doors

Steel entry doors are incredibly durable and provide excellent security. The steel entry door features a heavy-duty, triple-pane insulated glass for additional energy efficiency. The steel frame is made from solid 16-gauge steel with a galvanized coating to protect against corrosion due to the elements.

This entry door also includes an automatic locking feature that securely locks when closed and unlocks via a keyless entry pad. It is available in many different styles to match any décor.

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