Don’t Let A Siding Upgrade Slide: 6 Siding Styles Selected To Excite!

Don’t Let A Siding Upgrade Slide: 6 Siding Styles Selected To Excite!

When it comes to house exterior upgrades, your options seem endless: Paint? Stucco? Brick? Stone? Wood and vinyl sidings are often the go-to’s, and there is a good reason for that. Sidings come in various natural and synthetic materials that are relatively cheaper than their ”stoned” counterparts per installed square foot.

Sidings on your home not only protect against the elements, but in a place like Chelsea, they also provide a catharsis from the hustle-bustle of urban Ann Arbor. Jurupa is a comfortable spot to settle in as it is diverse and ranks well in living. There is no reason you shouldn’t start a house upgrade; besides, the weather is cool with occasional rain, and experienced contractors like us are just around the corner!

Anyways, here are some siding styles that we guarantee will whet your appetite!

  1. Log Siding – Imagine a Charlotte Cake with those ladyfingers sided horizontally about a house, glazed and gorgeous. Log sidings come in wood, steel, and vinyl. While wood provides the most inexpensive natural rustic look, it also requires maintenance and pest control. But you can’t resist having a house look like a treat, can you?
  2. Channel Rustic – Want to sound chic? Then this style is in! Belonging to the category of lap sidings; there is a variety of materials and decent colors to choose this siding from. This style is suitable in vinyl and offers a sturdy and imposing look while adding to your property’s appeal.
  3. Dutch Siding – It looks much like the traditional lap siding except for the slight depression that ends in an overlap on the siding. The difference in design allows for prominent shadows on the siding for a purely visual aesthetic. It is an excellent selection for gable-front houses that can bring out the best in your home with a dash of the right color.
  4. Scallops – If only cake frosting on life-size houses was a thing! These adorable sidings look like petals on a home. Ideally used for siding Queen Anne or Victorian homes, it can be utilized for gable-front homes in sky tones. If brought as James Hardie, this siding can outlast most kinds of weathering and requires the occasional hosing down to peak upon its color.
  5. Board & batten – This style looks perfect on cottage homes and farmhouses. In addition to the vertical siding, contrasting paints can bring out intricate patterns that are rather soothing to the eyes. They are even acceptable to use for interior decoration; such is their popularity.
  6. Shingle Sidings This siding is best in quality cedar, as it not only makes your home look organic and earthy but it also saves on heating costs since wood is an excellent insulator. Cedar siding shingles also provide sufficient soundproofing. However, since it is wood, it requires pest protection, especially in the eco-rich Jurupa Valley.

You know, if you like any of these styles (we love the scallop one, it’s so ”fantasy”!), we are located right up your alley in Jurupa Valley, CA. And we can give you tons of advice on siding designs, materials, budgeting, and after-care advice, plus maintenance. All of that advice for free!

Wilderness Construction has been active in Chelsea for the past couple of decades, and we offer various internal & external home renovation and repair solutions with maintenance plans. You can always get in touch with us for free estimates on services required, and we will give out the best to boost your home’s lovely looks!