Drafty Attics – Your Roof Has A Breach!

Drafty Attics – Your Roof Has A Breach!

Your attic is probably not on your mind often if you’re like most homeowners. But if you have a drafty attic, you should start thinking about it now! Poor attic insulation can lead to some severe problems with your roof. It means that your roof has a breach, and you need to take action to fix it. In the long run, ignoring the problem will result in more severe and expensive issues. We’ll tell you all about those attic drafts in this blog post!

The importance of attics

Attics are a critical part of your home regarding temperature regulation. It’s responsible for keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. But if there are drafts in your attic, there’s a problem, and it isn’t doing its job.

Signs your roof has a breach

You should look for the following signs to see if your attic has a breach:

1. Look at your energy bills – If they’ve been steadily increasing, it’s a good sign that there’s something wrong with your attic. Proper attic insulation helps keep your home energy-efficient by regulating temperature.

2. Check for cracks or holes in the roof – If you can see daylight coming through, that’s a sure sign that there’s a hole somewhere.

3. Feeling cold drafts – If you can feel cold drafts coming from your attic during the wintertime, it may be time to call in a roofing contractor for an inspection.

4. Mold and mildew – Warm indoors and cold air outside leads to condensation causing moisture to pool in your attic. This moisture in the attic encourages mold and mildew growth. The mold can lead to faster deterioration of your roof.

5. Pest visits – If you start seeing pests, mice, or other critters in your attic, chances are there is a crack somewhere in the roof that they’re getting through.

6. Water leakage – Water can make its way through gaps and breaches in your roof. Water leakage signifies that your roof needs repairs.

7. AC & furnace are working hard – If your AC or furnace is working overtime, it could be because the hot or cold air is escaping through the attic. The hard-working AC and furnace units will lead to higher energy bills.

8. Ice dams – These ice dams are caused due to the cyclical freezing and melting of the snow. They often block the water running off the roof, and the water backs up. Water pooling can cause severe damage to your roof and home.

If you see any of these symptoms, it is time to call a professional roofing contractor to take a look.

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