Get Started On A Residential Window Replacement Project This Summer!

Get Started On A Residential Window Replacement Project This Summer!

When one thinks of window replacement, it usually has to do with an aesthetic remodel or a renovation, probably something to do to enhance property value. While all of this is true, the fact remains that windows have come a long way from their single-plane mundane types, and now ‘energy-efficient windows’ are the buzzword in home construction circles.

There are far more reasons a residential window replacement is feasible this year because energy costs are increasing & all of us can do with a cost-effective upgrade. That starts with understanding the general costs against the benefits reaped – one way to tell your saving will break even!

Average Window Replacement Costs?

While the national average (material plus labor) puts the window replacement costs at $200 – $1800 per window, it will also depend on what kind of window you are installing. In Clinton, a double-hung window installation can go up to $190-600$/installation, so a double glazed might mark higher – but better savings.

The average American home has around 10-12 windows of various functions & sizes. That would mean a rough $2000-$8000 investment for an upgrade – although we advise you to check our accurate estimates for your specific needs.

Window glass will also have a higher markup the lower its U-Factor goes. If you’re looking to contain your home’s internal temperature, a U-Factor ranging from 0.2 to 1.2 is optimal for glass insulation rating – the lower, the better. Also factored in would be the costs for caulking & masonry repairs if your property is aged.

If you decide on new window trim, the costs might again shoot up compared to a feasible insert window upgrade. It’s all about striking a balance between utility, aesthetics, savings, & returns. Fortunately, window replacements & upgrades tend to cover all!

5 Reasons to Replace Your Windows

Utility Cost Savings

Doors, single-plane windows, even poorly sealed exhaust vents can affect the temperature-regulated homes in both summer & winter. As a result, your thermostat has to work harder around the clock to keep your home either cool or toasty. That also means higher bills.

If you upgrade your windows to energy-efficient materials, albeit in the same insert design, you can enjoy a view without tanning out or breaking a sweat.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Less dependency on a thermostat, less utility used, lower bills, & reduced frequency of having to replace sun-damaged interior decor. In many ways, great windows make your contributions greener.

UV Protection

Melanoma counts among the most dangerous forms of skin cancer that make it difficult for afflicted individuals to enjoy a bit of sun. If you or your loved one is affected or at risk, you can always enhance the quality of life by installing UV protection screens, membranes, or treated glass planes for an insert window replacement.

In addition to being energy-efficient, you now have protected visors for windows!

Low Maintenance

Innovations in glassmaking mean the designs are easier to seal, clean, & upkeep. You can have special spot & stain-resistant glass planes for your window replacement. Rest assured, the returns on resale will be significant because everyone loves a clear, anti-glare view into the garden!

Safer, Stronger Materials

Many traditional & old houses often have lead paints & toxic sealants for fragile window trims. You can have us source EPA-approved window replacements with all materials that do not harm you and your loved ones.

You have the original, traditional window designs, with an added ease of smoother functioning & locking mechanisms for safety & security.

Wilderness Construction INC is your reliable & experienced remodel & renovation expert in Clinton, MI. We also provide accurate estimates for the locality and offer roofing & siding services.

Maybe your home can do with a significant makeover, if not just windows.