Keeping Your Siding Upgrade Within Your Budget!

Keeping Your Siding Upgrade Within Your Budget!

If your home is built of brick & mortar, then gloss, tile, and stucco is the thing for your exteriors’ adornment. However, if your home is internally framed and pretty much drywall, you have a range of siding materials to pick for your home.

Internally-framed homes tend to lean towards fragility despite their cost-effective construction. Sidings provide that extra reinforcement to the exterior sides, while the roof acts as the protective overhang. With all materials designed to take the brunt of the damage, sidings can also age & deteriorate, which makes their replacing a crucial part of your schedule!

Signs of Siding Damage?

It’s best to approach the matter of a siding upgrade, repair, or replacement with due validation, which is why an inspection is ideal. However, you can be on the lookout for signs of siding damage.

  1. The siding material seems warped, cracked, and can even give away to expose more damaged underlayment or sheathing. That compromises the building’s energy-efficient design and raises utility costs.
  2. There is strange blistering along the siding surface that indicates water has intruded past the siding protection. This will mostly coincide with interior paint peeling problems from the dampness.
  3. Algae, fungus, mold, or mildew can grow on sidings. While many people deem a power wash suitable to clear away the algae, the entire situation exacerbates the already existing moisture problem.
  4. If your siding’s paint is faded – that it’s weatherproofing barrier on its last legs. If you have to apply coats of paint every few years instead of the standard decade of wait, your sidings are finished.

Types of Siding Options & Average Costs

  • Vinyl Siding – $4-$5/sq foot
  • Vinyl Shake – $3-$10/sq foot
  • Vinyl Stone – $-$10/sq foot
  • Fiber Cement – $6-$12/sq foot
  • Lap/bevel Siding – $5-$10 /sq foot
  • Brick Siding – $4-$10/sq foot
  • Stone Siding – $10-$30/sq foot
  • Insulated Siding – $4-$12/sq foot

Factoring in the Costs

Usually, there are materials (siding, underlayment, insulation, labor, and miscellaneous overheads) to consider in any siding project. Then the square unit of area to cover is factored in along with the homeowner’s budget. The best part is that we provide financing for more ambitious siding projects so that no one’s dream of a pristine exterior is left out. In the Ann Arbor region, you can expect a siding upgrade ranging from $2000-$8000, but with preparation, installation, & cleanup, the costs can run higher.

The season also matters where labor costs are concerned. Spring & fall tend to have significantly lower labor rates than the summer because the hotter months also have high siding contractor traffic. It’s still sub-zero temperatures in Grass Lake, so you can start budgeting & prepare your siding requirements to book an early slot with us.

The Returns

According to estate trends, renovations, upfits, remodels, & extensions are tricky but lucrative additions to a house before sale. If you invested in fiber cement or brick siding, you could recoup 80-85% on resale. Even with a cheaper option of replacing vinyl siding, you will recoup up to 70% of your investment.

We hope this banter piques your interest. Wilderness Construction INC has been operating with a spotless track record in Ann Arbor & surrounding areas of Glass Lake, MI. We offer a wide range of home improvement solutions within a reasonable budget, guaranteed to bring in craft quality.

If you need your sidings repaired or replaced by spring, feel free to get in touch for our free, accurate estimates for Glass Lake, MI. We love to plan with our clients!