Making An Entrance! 4 Improvements You Can Make To Your Foyer!

Making An Entrance! 4 Improvements You Can Make To Your Foyer!

The first thing entering guests notice is your foyer! So make a good impression by sprucing it up with these four easy improvements. There’s something for everyone here, from adding some color to installing a new light fixture. Please read this blog post to discover four improvements suggested by Wilderness Construction Inc. in Dexter, MI, to make your foyer look its best!

1) Provide Function

Even the most significant, most stunning foyers must offer purposeful functionality. Place a bench for guests to take their shoes off or install storage beneath the stairs. If your foyer is small, use decorative items and furniture to make it look larger.

A coat rack can be helpful to keep everyone’s jackets organized and out of the way. Add some plants or artwork to give the space personality, but avoid too much clutter.

2) Create a View

Remember, foyers are a transitional space meant to lead visitors and guests to another room. Not only should your foyer look great, but the other spaces you can see from there should also match the appearance. When there is a beautiful view from your foyer, make sure to frame it well with window treatments and furniture placement.

Homes with a front porch can also consider adding seating and decor that compliments the style of your home. A simple wicker chair on a porch can go a long way in giving visitors a warm welcome.

Give your front door a color that pops and leaves a lasting impression!

3) Experiment with Lighting

A great way to make your foyer feel more inviting is by playing with the lighting. Try installing a chandelier or pendant light or adding sconces on the walls.

If you have high ceilings, use floor-to-ceiling drapes to add softness and elegance.

Ensure that any rugs you choose for your foyer are durable and easy to clean – something like indoor/outdoor carpeting would be perfect! Also, try to use natural lighting in your foyer whenever possible.

Adding a few well-placed plants can help to brighten up the space and make it feel alive.

4) Less is More!

If you’re blessed with a spacious entryway, you can add several pieces of furniture. But if you have limited space, it will look much better with carefully placed items. There is no need to shove additional furniture in an already cramped area, so we recommend using a few select pieces and making them count.

For example, consider investing in an entryway bench or capacious coat rack with spaces for storage underneath – this is perfect for keeping shoes out of sight while still having somewhere to sit down when you’re taking off your layers!

If you are convinced to make some improvements in your foyer, contact experts at Wilderness Construction Inc to add a breath of fresh air to your place. We use the latest equipment and follow trending contemporary design ideas to remodel your interior in Dexter. Get a free quote today.