Scammed Through The Roof? Next Time Consider 4 Things Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Scammed Through The Roof? Next Time Consider 4 Things Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Hiring a roofing contractor is like a challenging bargaining process. To avoid getting scammed with hefty receipts and substandard roof material, one must be aware of the conditions surrounding even the most minor issues in the roof contracting business. We have helped you cover some of the bases in avoiding roofing and construction mistakes. But sometimes, you need to be more careful when hiring the right kind of contractor for the job.

Sometimes clients know what they are looking for: replacement or repair. However, the newer clients can be at the mercy of scammers; that is why one needs to have a knack for hiring the right roofing contractor. Like all professionals, roofing contractors tend to be confident at what they do. You want to ensure you get precisely what you pay for because poor job quality can cost you more in the long run.

Here are some solid areas to look out for when you plan to hire contractors as capable as those at Wilderness Construction.

  1. Sniff Out a Local Portfolio – Even if there are pictures of the projects on the contractor’s website, ask for more specific proof of successful projects. Ask the contractor how many roofing permits they have successfully cleared, feedback from their clients, especially if they are familiar with your locality. Make sure they have a diverse number of roofing projects, so you have more options in how you want your roof done. If the roofing firm subcontracts to particular firms, it is necessary to find out about the experience of these firms too.
  2. Ensure a Licensed to Roof – Ensure the roofing contractor has a license with sufficient years of experience. You’re not being a prude by asking if the contractor’s team is also experienced; you should ask as it is your right! Insist on a copy of their construction license and have it verified through the relevant licensing body. The contractor should be familiar with the latest building codes in your state and should have years of experience and legitimate equipment, including operating safety certifications. Most important is to ask them for their bank credit history as it helps to confirm their capacity to complete a job.
  3. Legal Safeguards – This is a lot of paperwork! You need to ensure that the roofing contractor is insured. Never discuss warrantees by agreement; ask for written warranties instead. Take photos of the roofing progress, stay updated, and visit the worksite unannounced regularly. And please insist on a lien waiver so that upon completion of the project, you are not liable to the contractor’s whims. A lien waiver saves your property from being taken as collateral for the contractor’s debts. If the project is large, you may involve a construction lawyer to negotiate the finer details of the task at hand. A lawyer ensures that your interests are best represented in the fine print with no loopholes to get scammed.
  4. Cost of the Services – Roofing contractors and their subcontracted parties should be transparent when discussing an estimate of the project. Never go for the first seemingly reasonable quote, be bold, bother a couple of legitimate roofing contractors, and make a comparative list of their offered quotes. Then select the firm that balances high on your legitimacy, experience, quality, and costs requirements.

At Wilderness Construction, our experiences with many satisfied residential and commercial clients in Clinton, have assisted us in learning how to provide the most appropriate services when our clients hire a contractor for any roof remodel or building job.

If you feel an urge coming to have your roof upgraded as per residential or commercial needs, we can offer a free estimate on the service required, and you may also book us for an evaluation. Check out our services, and if you’d love to get an upgrade, we would also love to provide one!