The Cost Of Carrying Out A Roofing Replacement In Stockbridge!

The Cost Of Carrying Out A Roofing Replacement In Stockbridge!

After checking local roofing contractor quotes online, folks usually back out from roofing maintenance. The most common reason cited is ‘we’ll wait for complete maintenance when the time comes’- however, when the time does come, the roof is too far gone, and the client ends up with an expensive, structural do-over.

Each year, the materials making up your roof take damage & weather. The materials themselves have a life & may last from 15-25 years for shingle-based roofs to 30-70 years for stone, metal, ceramic & commercial flat roofs. Without regular maintenance, these numbers dwindle even further, and then your only way to preserve value & stick to safety codes is to replace the entire roof.

Roofing Maintenance Costs?

Typically, roof maintenance involves checking for hidden leaks, damaged/missing shingles, infestations, structural weaknesses, rotted insulation & the materials’ age. Regular maintenance can range from $150-$400 for minor jobs, while the extreme can increase to $7000 for extensive repairs.

Along with repairs, if maintenance involves protective layers for added energy management & roof life, the costs may go even further. But with the extended roof life, your investment pays off in the long run!

Roofing Replacement Costs?

In the Stockbridge, MI, region, you can expect a roofing replacement/upgrade to range from $3,300 to $20,000 – that too, depending on the sq. ft area of the roof & the quality of the materials factored into the roof design – labor & supplies also factored in.

Some Average Materials Cost Per Square (100 sq ft.) in 2022

  1. 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles – $90-$100
  2. Composite Shingles – $400
  3. Wood Shakes – $350-$500
  4. Rubber – $400-$900
  5. Metal Shingles – $300-$400
  6. Clay Tile – $300-$1000
  7. Solar Roof – $2000

If you feel apprehensive, you can always contact us for accurate estimates for roofing replacements/upgrades.

People opt for roofing replacements & upgrade for several reasons:

  1. before listing the home for sale (value enhancement)
  2. irreversible roof damage
  3. end of life of the roof
  4. remediating roof design faults
  5. dissatisfaction with the current roof style
  6. reinforcing for solar installation

All these replacements involve material & labor costs that can seem extravagant, but this is not the time to be frugal – a roof replacement will keep you and all your loved ones safe & shielded from the elements.

When to Start Budgeting For A Roofing Upgrade?

You can call us over for a roofing inspection, where we will send in a structural expert to sound your roof & attic for damage. You might be expected to divulge details of the property’s history of repairs & renovations. If you like the DIY roof damage check approach, here is a list of things you can do, but then do call us up for a ‘second opinion.’

  1. Collate the property documents from your estate agent & inquire about the history of repairs, especially if you have relocated recently.
  2. Check your attic for signs of leaks during rain, moldy spots, cold drafts, or crumbling rafters.
  3. If there is light peeking into your attic from unexpected places, your insulation is compromised.
  4. Older homes have tar & cement flashings that tend to crumble with age. If you notice that, better sign up for metal flashing installation.
  5. If you notice bulging shingles on the roof, that may warrant a minor repair. But missing shingles with damaged flashing & insulation & crumbly supports is a surefire sign for replacement.

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