The Top 3 Roofing Trends For 2021

The Top 3 Roofing Trends For 2021

The roof is one of the most critical parts of any house or building, and roofing trends have changed dramatically over the last 100 years. The roof has gone from being a simple protective covering to one that can be used for many purposes. As the roofing industry changes and evolves, three trends have emerged as the top contenders for what people want in 2021: metal roofs, solar roofs, and cool roofs.

1. Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has become popular in the last few years as a cost-effective and sustainable option. While it is not entirely bulletproof, steel roofing does have advantages that make it appealing. It lasts longer than any other type of roof covering, making it more economical to replace later when needed. It has a life span of around 50 years, while roofing shingles usually sit at 15-years.

The process of replacing your metal roof is also easy since the roofing material is made of long panels that can be removed in a single day.

Another benefit of metal roofing is its ability to withstand fire and wind damage because it’s not as flammable or brittle as other roof materials like wood shakes or shingle roofing.

Metal roofs are made of recycled material, and they are environmentally friendly.

2. Solar Roofing

The average American spends nearly three thousand dollars a year on utility costs, so every homeowner should aim for an efficient way to generate electricity without increasing monthly expenses. One such solution is solar power!

Solar panels are another roofing material that has been on the rise in recent years due to their sustainability and cost-effectiveness. They work by converting sunlight into energy, providing an alternative power source to traditional fuel sources like coal or natural gas, which pollute the environment.

Solar roofing not only saves homeowners money on their electricity bills but helps sustain the environment as well. Homeowners and business owners alike are installing solar roofing because it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The cost of solar roofing can seem expensive up front, but it can save homeowners a lot of money in energy costs over the long term.

3. Cool Roofing

One of the biggest issues with a roof is heat retention during the summer months. Now, there are cool roofs that help reduce temperatures inside a house by up to thirty degrees to combat this issue.

Global warming has increased the demand for cool roofs, making them more popular than ever before. The way cool roofs work is by reflecting heat away from the surface.

A cool roof can be made out of various materials, like metal or shingles; they can greatly reduce a home’s air conditioning costs during hotter months.

Our team at Wilderness Construction, Inc. has been in the roofing industry for decades, and we have witnessed many trends come and go. We wanted to share the top three trends for 2021 so that you can make the necessary changes to your home or commercial business in Ann Arbor, promptly. If you need help now or want some more information on these trends, get in touch with us today and also get an estimate from our friendly staff.