Things You Can’t Miss: Deck Styles For The Trendy Settler!

Things You Can’t Miss: Deck Styles For The Trendy Settler!

Quality wood decks are the most enriching addition you can make to your property’s aesthetics. Seasoned decks add as much as 70% on returns when a homeowner makes a sale, i.e., with the market going up and all. Many homeowners prefer natural wood decking for warmth, ambiance, and sustainability, whether it’s cedar, redwood, or non-native hardwoods like mahogany and teak. These durable woods can further resist rot and infestation and add value to the property when appropriately treated. Composite lumber and aluminum are also excellent materials, though heavy on the purse. Here is what we at Wilderness Construction think warrants an addition of a deck to spruce up your Saline, property.

Wraparound decks

Investing in a wraparound deck extends your living space and allows for ventilation and atmosphere without the glaring sun spoiling your siesta time. The deck can be installed frontward as an attached porch or in the backyard, depending on your property needs. A wraparound is a typical deck suited for a suburban-type property. The material used is widely available and maintenance-free. It also secures an aesthetic pleasing to most homeowners or potential buyers, which endears it to the neighborhood association.

Pool decks

These require a substantial amount of upkeep, plus the need for shading. We suggest pergolas for protection from the sun, though they may not be great ventilation systems but ideal for the aesthetics. And they are exceptionally trendy come summer months.

Concrete Decks

The cheapest option though also the most versatile one. Concrete may add to the life of a deck but is slightly less on returns if installed in a bungling manner or to a non-match house type. Such decks might suit brutalist architecture homeowner properties.

Over Garage Decks

An ideal way to utilize the space over a flat-roofed garage in urban properties. Such decks allow for an elevated living space, privacy, and peace, right in the hustle-bustle of the urban jungle. Using wood is not necessary; concrete and aluminum are ideal for constructing a suitable deck for relaxation. They are sturdy, low-maintenance, and convenient; all redeeming qualities to add to returns on investment.

Attached/Detached Decks

Attached decks are like patios, except they’re built of wood or wooden composite materials and connected to the main house. The detached deck is a poured or paved platform akin to a Zen Garden, separate from the main house, which one can reach via a cobbled pathway traversing through the fauna. These fairy-tale deck types have been gaining popularity as part of modern architecture increasingly worldwide.

Multi-tiered Decks

Pure visual appeal and huge property. Multi-tier decks are preferably wood or composite and suited to maximum ROI. You should consider this style if you have hilly, rocky or uneven landscaping around your property. Multi-tier decks can create diverse spaces for leisure and views, so do not pass up on an opportunity to have one installed if you have a suburban property that fits the type.

Bet you’re already imagining your dream deck. Decided upon a style yet? Pssst! If you’re looking for a reliable deck installation company in Riverside, then make sure to look up Wilderness Construction. Check out our previous projects and if swayed, then hit us up for a free quote on deck installation and custom designs. We will help you with custom decks that best enliven your homes and allow for maximum returns on value, not to mention the amazing views!