Wilderness Construction: How To Decide Between Window Repair And Replacement

Wilderness Construction: How To Decide Between Window Repair And Replacement

The world of windows is full of tricky terminology, so it’s no wonder that window repair and window replacement are often confused. Many window repair companies are quick to tell you that window replacement is the only option, but this isn’t always true. Window replacement can be expensive and will require a lot of work on your part, so it’s important to make an informed decision before moving forward.

This blog post will cover window repair vs. window replacement in detail to help you decide which solution you require.

Water Damage

One of the main window problems is water damage. If you have ever noticed condensation or puddles on your window frame after it has rained, then there’s a good chance that your window suffered some sort of water damage. Water damage can cause serious issues for homeowners because it leads to rot, mold growth, and other problems down the line. Water damage can be repaired.

Rotted Wooden Frames

Another fairly common window problem is rotted wooden frames. If you have noticed a weird smell coming from your window, or if it looks like the window has been eaten up by something, then there’s a good chance that it has rotted. Here, it is advisable to replace your window with an energy-efficient window like vinyl. However, let a window repair expert examine the windows first and propose the best solution.

Stuck Windows

If your window is stuck and you can’t open it, then the chances are that the window locks have broken. If this happens to your window, don’t force it since this could lead to further damage. Instead, give a window repair expert a call and let them deal with the issue right away so they can provide their recommendations.

Foggy Windows

This window issue is a sign that the window glass has been worn down and needs replacement. You can have it replaced with an energy-efficient window like vinyl or wood windows if you prefer to keep the traditional look.

Energy Bill is Increasing

If your energy bills are getting higher, window replacement is a great way to reduce those costs. If the window glass has been worn down and letting in drafts, there is no doubt that it will lead to more energy consumption which means spending extra on heating or cooling. Window replacement is a great investment for your home as it can lower heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent on average.

Our window replacement and repair experts in Chelsea will provide you with the right advice on how to handle your window problem. At Wilderness Construction, Inc., we also provide free estimates for our window services, so you have nothing to lose. To learn more about our window repair services, get in touch with us today.